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All models are indexed and searchable through the search function, and other categorization features. We ask that you pick a PRIMARY classification for you main interest in modeling.

If you DO NOT want to be bothered with requests for nude modeling, while you can specify that in your profile, the only way we can ENFORCE the issue, is if you post your profile to the FASHION category.

If you are under 18, your profile will AUTOMATICALLY be added to the "Under 18" Category, until your birthday arrives. Failure to provide accurate birth date is a violation of terms of use, and several Federal and Interstate Statutes. So don't do it.

Other categories of models are for convenience, and *MOST* users will search, or use the various search features, to find lists of models that are of interest to them.


This area is for models who primarily work fashion, or catalog, and do *NOT* do nudes, or want to be contacted for nude photography assignments. No "implied" nudes, or nudes.
Fitness Models, athletic builds, sports, etc.
Glamour (1)
This is fashion and/or beauty, where some nudity may be required. It is acceptible to contact models here for nude work, based on the images in their portfolios.
This is a category for models considered "minors". We realize there is a huge market for "teen" and "child" models for everything from clothing to electronics and toys. The system keeps track of birthdays and will age models out of this area as they grow up.
Models who primarily work nude, or desire work that involves nudity. We offer a separate category.