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Galleries & Portfolios

This area is under active development. Not everything is immediately visible.

The way this area works, is after you join, and set up your member ID, you'll be able to set up additional profile areas for each of the areas you work in -- Photographer, Model, Fashion, Stylist, etc.

For now, we are limiting galleries and portfolios to those working within about 150 miles of Pittsburgh. If you travel to Pittsburgh regularly, we can make an exception for you. At a later date, we'll expand services to include other areas, but the more area the site covers, the less useful over all it becomes to any individual member.

Portfolio : This is a body of work that the model or photographer is willing to do, wanting to do, or willing to consider. It's not the place for images that don't fit the above.

Gallery : This is a showcase of work you've done, and are proud of.


If you are a non-photographic artist - painter, sculptor, etc - this is your area to show off.
If you design clothing, other fashions, rent or lease costumes, or make props, this area is for you.
Members can set up a personal gallery and portfolio area here to show off, and find new TFP opportunities.