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This is a site dedicated to the industry practice of photographing models in exchange for prints, called Time For Prints. TFP has been around since before there were cameras, with artists and models exchanging services for experience. Whatever your feelings, TFP is time-honored, legitimate, and here to stay. It's also about the best way for photographers and models to do art, creative work, and try new things that could apply to future paying jobs.

This is also the second, unofficial, home of the Pittsburgh Models and Photographers Meetup Group.

While anyone may, and is invited to, use the forums or post a link to their TFP needs, wants or desires, the galleries/portfolios are only for local Pittsburgh models and photographers. The idea is to create a local Pittsburgh area network that doesn't have all the "noise" from other cities that are simply too far away for realistic engagements. But, we are still open to NETWORKING with models and photographers in our area, so please feel free to use the forums to learn, share, network, and play by the rules.

Absolutely no links to commercial modeling pages, sites, or anything that is *NOT* a TFP/TFCD page.

This site is under development. Broken images are due to a change in how images are stored. Once the site is out of beta, all that will be fixed up.

Your ratings and reviews, comments and suggestions on sites listed here are *VERY* much appreciated, and encouraged! Not everyone has the same views on every issue or aspect of every issue. Diversity is key. Respect others' opinions. Read the rules.

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TFP Modelling is a Pittsburgh-based group, with ties to Austin Texas. It's a place for models and photographers to hook up, meetup, and work on new projects. It's also a place for photographers to learn a little more about other areas of photography.

We also want to extend to the area the idea that models DO NOT have to pay for prints for their portfolios, despite what some in the industry would like you to believe.

Trading your time, and work with a photographer can earn you prints or other services. Part of what the Pittsburgh Models and Photographers Meetup Group does, is hook up models, make up artists, stylists, and photographers and artists.

There is a lot of discussion about trading time for prints, and if you read carefully, you'll see those who speak out against it most, are the ones who are trying hardest to generate income off new models seeking to break in to the business.

Visit our forums, and find out more.