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Nikon D200 -- ALL MINE!!! <heheheheh>




May 17, 2006, 5:09 PM

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Nikon D200 -- ALL MINE!!! <heheheheh> Can't Post

Well, after months of thinking about it, and years of anticipating it, I finally made the move to a Digital SLR.

I've been a Nikon fan since my first F3 in 1981/2. I have two or three of them, (I forget) and a couple of MD4's, and lenses, etc. For a long while, though, during my haitus, I used a Richo Mirai as the original concept camera, that was AWESOME!

But, nothing feels/acts like a Nikon.

I had an 8800 since around Christmas, but I was forever frustrated with it's lack of performance when *I* wanted to take a picture.

After a lot of research, and probably reading everything on-line, I jumped for the D200. It was the best compromise I could afford, and the D50 and D70 didn't seem to be real options, since the D200 is a 10MP camera, with the solid feel of the old Nikon tanks.

Granted, I'm probably not going to be able to use it to beat my way through an angry mob, but then, again, my days of doing that are over :)

But, it did get some of the highest marks for durability, feel, and seals (seald body) of any camera in - or around - it's class.

I have yet to take my first picture. I guess I'm superstitious to some degree. I've played with it, and since I got the "kit" with the basic auto-focus telephoto, I've not had a chance to climb up to the storage room to get my old AI glass. This is my first AF SLR. I've had concept cameras and all-in-ones, but this is my first SLR with AF.

I *LIKE* it <G> The lens _snaps_ to a focus almost as fast as I touch the shutter, and only a few times, with some "fence post" type images, did it have to focus out and come back before locking.

I put out an order for the MB-D200 battery pack, for backup power and stability. Since the F3, most Nikons handled better with an added grip like the MD4 motor drive, or an enhanced pack.

I've got small, stubby hands for a guy, and this camera feels good, with all the controls where you'd expect them (but not where they were on my last Nikon digital). The camera should handle well for someone with fingers/hands larger than mine, but smaller ones would find some of the controls a stretch. It's a tad larger than the F3, and thicker, about the same as the F3 with MD4.

I'll get them side by side soon :)

But, I'm excited. Just the ability to focus myself, override the camera's insistance to not shoot, and to get real low-light focusing ability is AWESOME!!

Been able to figure out most controls without the manual, but will study it tonight :) RTFM is a mantra for this new technology.

Anyway, I'm not trying to start a cannon vs nikon debate, that's pointless, since in most unbiased reviews, the D200 and D5 come out fairly even, by the end of the review, even though the 5D costs more, and has 20% more MP's. It comes down to money, and what glass you've acquired over the years. But, FWIW, virtually every review has said the Nikon was much more logical in it's control layout, and physical structure... which I have to agree with, even without holding a 5D. It just feels great :) I want it to have my pictures :)



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