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Almost ready for beta!!!




Apr 19, 2006, 5:38 PM

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Almost ready for beta!!! Can't Post

The photographer's area is almost ready for beta.

I've got some of my gallery shots up, and have been playing with the system to work out the quirks.

The models profile/portfolio system is being worked on. It's a lot more complicated than the photographers, for a number of reasons, but mostly because there's more to need to define and filter in modelling, and splitting hairs may make the difference in job /no-job.

If you want to get a gallery set up, you need to be a member here, obviously :) And fill in your photographer's profile. There soon will be a "Public Profile" that has general information on you -- age, location, status, orientation, etc. These are things that while not directly related to photography and modelling, you might want to share as "unique" qualifications for certain jobs or positions.

Once that is connected, you will have to fill out the basic info there before you can set up any other profile.

We are *NOT* going to play games with things like age, or valid email. If email bounces, tough. You'll probably have to request reinstatement, and go through validation. If we find your age is not accurate, too bad :) Permanent turf. There are only a few things that will get you booted, and messing with the Community Profile information (the information the system has on record for you) or mis-matching the key fields to your public profiles, will eventually be caught, and there is 0 (Zero) tolerance for that.

You are free to express OPINIONS here, and strong ones too, if you do it civilly. We support free speach, and your rights. BUT the posts must be on-topic (no racial, religious, political, etc) posts. This is a modelling/photography board. You may comment on images, ask questions, even post single images or links to galleries for critique (without SPAMMING!) in the appropriate areas.

And, this site is for ADULTS, so we expect you to act like one. Probably not the way you've been used to acting, allowed to act, on other sites. We are not MySpace, we don't intend to be.

We are not an "Adult" site. We don't allow graphic, X-rated, or other depictions of "porn" or sexual activity. We do allow graphic artistic displays of intense and/or not-for-the-faint-or-kids type images, if you PROPERLY flag them as "Adult", "Not for work" or "Not for Kids" etc.

These features will be phased in on a schedule as we are forced to ;)

Nudity *must* be flagged "Not for work" at the very least. We are *not* going to judge you on "Adult" or "Not for kids" unless we are forced to. Simple nudity is NOT in and of itself restricted.

Please be AN ADULT about this, and don't abuse it, since the more it's abused, the more we'll have to come up with ways to prevent abuse, and the LESS freedom you'll have.

We hope since this is NOT a "global" site, the abuses and abusers will be few.

For now, unless you have a special dispensation for some reason, all working addresses must be within 150 miles of 15222 which is the zip at The Point.

The system will not allow you to set up a profile beyond the "Public" one, if your ZIP is outside that range. Remember, everyone is allowed to participate in the forums, but the gallery/portfolio area is for Pittsburgh area only. Please don't try to get around that, since doing so would be considered criminal computer tresspass, theft of service, and other nasty things. You've been warned.

I'm an alternative minded, and lifestyle experienced and very opinionated person. I don't want my opinions or beliefs to be trampled, and we will do our best not to trample on yours. That does NOT give you unfettered rights to cause trouble though. But, we aren't going to run and hide at fetish imagery, alternative chatter, or anything else that might make other sites blush or faint. Don't abuse those rights. We do live in a GLOBAL socieity, so think about who else might be viewing your words, or images, and act accordingly.

We aren't going to ban you or make you disappear if you don't like something about the site, as long as you do it CONSTRUCTIVELY and not destructively or in violation of the "play nice" rules. We can handle criticism; I've been fighting it all my life with my art, and my work, and simply because I don't like to just "take it" when something is wrong or injust.

You too must handle criticism, and if someone does not like one of your images, or such, fine. That is their opinion. Deal with it. If they don't like something you've done, or how you arrange something, it's their opinion. Deal with it. Ignoring it usually makes it go away. If you reply, well, deal with it <G>

http://bodyart.com is my main site, and hopefully where my main gallery(ies) will be. For now, this site is the beta-test and development version of the larger software project being developed for Bodyart.com

Once that opens, EVERYONE who works with the body-as-art is welcome there, regardless of regional location.

aka Bodyartist

aka Bodyartist

New User

Oct 22, 2018, 1:52 PM

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Re: [bodyartist] Almost ready for beta!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

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