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The Rules LONG Version

Welcome to: TFP Modeling .com

It's a site for Photographers, Models, Associated persons and CUSTOMERS to hook up, meet up, and have fun, without the "mayhem," "deviance," or "cattiness" that happens on other sites.

This is the beginning of the FAQ, and is an extension of the Rules file. For now, this is a work in progress. The details will be worked out and smoothed over, but the GENERAL RULES and PHILOSOPHY of the site has been outlined. In short, we expect you to behave like mature, civil adults. You can have fun, disagree, debate, share, collaborate, and more. You can't spam, troll, generate personal attacks, or violate a general community standard of behavior and/or decorum.

We have a few rules here.

These rules are based on 20+ years of on-line experience, and all the problems we've seen with other sites of all sorts. We want your experience here to be a good one. We realize we aren't going to make everyone happy, but we are going to try to make our target audience as satisfied as we can with what we are offering.

The first rule on on "community." We are part of several communities. The global one, via the Internet. The local ones of overlapping municipalities. Those of our own families, churches, or jobs. So, we need to ask you to behave in a manner that takes ALL THAT into account. We offer you freedom of speach, ideas, and art. But we can't tolerate racism, hate, personal attacks (disagreements are ok, just don't get personal), anything illegal or immoral by this broad community standard or any applicable laws. We don't censor you, we don't delete you, or threaten to kick you off. You have to live with your words, and the results of your actions.

We also have a few rules on content. All content must fit that above general community standard. To that end, we can't allow anything deemed illegal or pornographic. Like the Supreme Court Justice, we know it when we see it; *YOU* know it when you see it. While it may not be to your liking, or it may offend you religiously, politically, or morally, everyone has the right to express thier ideas. People are dying in other countries for expressing theirs. We defend your rights here. But, there *are* things that are illegal, and you are patently wholely responsible for anything you post, say or do that breaks any applicable laws. We will take _appropriate_ action when we are notified, or find it on our own, but as a publically accessible website, we are not responsible for the actions of our users. Like you, they read, and agreed to this.

With all that said, we do have a few "technical" notes that we will enforce, abide by, or use to keep this site professional, friendly, and useful to everyone.

  1. Please refrain from making "hot chat" or sexual comments when evaluating an image. This is not a dating service, not everyone is 18 (older and younger), and not everyone appreciates running into those comments. Please be professional, comment on the work, or the look in the image, not a person's attributes, what you want to do with them, or such. That is really inappropriate -- in most cases. You want to get personal, use the private messaging features, don't post a public "Your so hot, I wish you were here in ____" type comment. You will be penalized. A karma system is being worked on, and such comments will be demoted first by staff, then by the user population in general. If you comment is not appropriate to the image, don't post it.
  2. Please refrain from putting watermarks across your image. This is a pet peeve of ours, and we won't tolerate it. This is a gallery/portfolio site, not a place to use, abuse, and show the viewers how little you care about them. There are plenty of other sites you can do that on. Be a bit more mature and professional here. A small logo/copyright is all you need. You can read the FAQ for all the reasons why. Also, please refrain from discussing this in the forums, since anything in the FAQ's is off-limits and will be closed down with negative karma points. Again, it's to preserve a sense of community. There's nothing more to "discuss" over this, all the issues have been examined, and this is our position. Failure to abide by this is considered "griping" and will not be tolerated as a breach of community ettiquette.
  3. Image sizes. We are not offering a "free" service. It's a cooperative service. Just like TFP, you provide content, and things of interest to our users, we provide you the space and resources to do that. To that end, we have certain guidelines on the content. We suggest using a high-quality, compression of no more than 10, JPG or PNG image. Anything else will be rejected, or compressed automatically, and you probably won't like it. All images uploaded are going to be converted into several sizes, from a small logo-sized image for the link and slide pages, to medium and small images for various other display pages, and the full-sized image. At this point, we are limiting full sized images to 800x1200px, max (*not* 1200x800). At a later time we might add the ability to sell higher-res images (stock photos, art prints, etc). Images must be at least 600x800 or equivalent. The system will evaluate and decide if the measurements are ok. 600x400, 500x800, 400x800, are all ok. 500x600 is not. In short, the width must be at least 600 _or_ the height at least 800, or it will be rejected.
  4. Finally, and this is the really, really big one. This is a TFP site. Barter only. No mention of rates, no "up charges." Anyone who doesn't do TFP, this isn't a place for you. Period. We'll have other sites where anyone can join in, but not here. This is for TFP in Pittsburgh area. You may have a link back to your website -- not OMP, MM, or MuseCube, or MySpace. Our reasons are simple, anyone following a like has the right to expect more information, not something they have to join, or wade through to find out more. Be courteous and respectful of your viewers and potential collaborators.
  5. One more little note. This is not the place for agencies or managers. You are not currently excluded, but be warned that it's not the place. There is no sales talk here, except in a very few areas of the FORUM. Abuse, or attempted abuse of the system will get you banned from *ALL* our sites. You decide how far you will push, we'll decide when it's time to ban you. No second chances. Behave. Be decent.
This is not censorship. These are the rules. They are not arbitrary or subjective. They just are.

This is not a hot-chat, or stroke-your-ego site. It's a place for serious (and not-so-serious) photographers, and models, and others to get together, hook up and have fun, do work, create art, etc. But *not* pretend it's hot-or-not, am-i-hot, or other such "you're so hot I want to melt" sites. We have specifically engineered the site around that, and will re-engineer, or simply boot off offenders to prevent this sort of abuse.


You may upload an image specifically for logo use, or you may select an image from your portfolio to be converted to logo use. Once set as your logo, it can be deleted from your galleries, without ill effect.

Rules: Must be *acceptible* to a general community standard. That means, nothing that would shock a casual viewer or guest, but it also doesn't mean it has to be "Disney." We are an ADULT community here, so we don't allow purple singing dinosaurs, but we do allow bare breasts, bare bottoms, and such. Don't abuse it. if you find your logo reset, try again. Three strikes, and you are out.

Also, and this is a big one. You may use a *LOGO*, but a male may not upload a female image, or vice versa. When someone looks at the logo image, they are assuming it's you, on some level. So you may use an image that defines you, your photography or modeling, but *NOT* one that misrepresents your sex or is otherwise confusing or misleading.

This is grounds for termination without second chance. It's incredibly obvious that you were not playing by the rules. Ok?

Forum rules are similar. Your avitar has to either be non-human, or non-anthropomorphic, eg: a tree, a rock, a sun, or it has to be a photo of you. It may not mis represent you, your sex, age, race, color, creed, national origin, or anything else. Your image, if you chose to upload one, is standing next to your words, and are YOUR OWN, not anyone elses. If you can't stand by them, don't say them. But, a male who uses a female avitar or image will be booted off the system without a second chance. Permanently. A person who is 35 and uses a school photo, from high school, will likewise be booted.

The Three Strike system.

Every time we have to change something in your profile, or area, for a clear-cut infraction of the rules, you get a strike. Only you and the sysadmins see the number of strikes, but when that number gets to 3, you're out. (You might foul out before you get to 3, depending on the type of the strike you get.)

Since we want to be fair about this, the only way you can get reinstated, is to remove your strikes. All of them. That requires find/penalty payment of $250 per strike. For your first 3 strikes.

If after being reinstated after penalty, you again strike out, the strikes will cost you $2500 per strike to erase. Again, you must erase all three to be reinstated.

The third time you get 3 strikes, it will cost you $25,000 per strike.

But you get the picture. At some point, very quickly, you'll either run out of money to pay your community fines, or you'll stop striking out.

Be aware, we are under no obligation to accept your fines, or even to consider reinstatement. But, if we do, there is a clear-cut penalty system, and your debt to the "community" at large will need to be paid before your privileges are reinstated.

Oh? Why is it "fair?" Strike money will be used to upgrade the system, fix things that need fixing, etc. So your lack of ettique to the community will go to enhancing the experience for everyone else. We do believe that people can, and do change (sometimes).

The Management