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The Rules

Welcome to: TFP Modeling .com

It's a site for Photographers, Models, Associated persons and CUSTOMERS to hook up, meet up, and have fun, without the "mayhem," "deviance," or "cattiness" that happens on other sites.

You are allowed to have, and express your opinions here. Just remember that that same right is extended to EVERYONE, and their opinions and ideas may differ from yours.

You have the right to disagree and debate or discuss anything related to photography, modeling, and related issues in a CIVIL manner.

You can express yourself, and your ideas however you like, without name calling, profanity, direct or personal attacks, or other such unacceptable, and/or illegal methods or manners.

You have the right to *NOT* be censored, edited, restricted or deleted for honestly stating your opinions or disagreeing with *EVERYONE* else on the boards as long as you remain civil, _legal_, and adhere to the site/forum rules for behavior and actions.

You cannot, and will not, be censored for privately sending your opinions to someone (user, moderators or staff) on any public issue from forum posts to profiles or portfolios. This is not an invitation to spam, and all messaging must conform to public rules, but you are *Not* restricted in posting your opinions publicly, if you feel they apply to only one member, and/or you feel they would create more of a problem if posted public.

Being on this site, posting photographs or a profile is an invitation to "unsolicited" comments and public and/or private contacts. If you don't like what someone said, or sent, *THINK* about why they sent it, what they were trying to tell you, and if they might have a valid point even if you don't agree with it. You *DO*NOT* have to reply!

That is the cardinal rule. It takes two to argue. You can stop any argument by simply not replying.

Remember, *YOU* and you alone, are responsible for your words, and your actions, and you *can* be held accountable for them if you go too far.

The rules are pretty basic.

  1. Express your opinions as OPINIONS
  2. Back up facts with some references
  3. Don't use "you"
  4. Use a lot of "I"s, "I think"s and "I feel"s
  5. Don't use profanity, these are mostly public boards
  6. Don't try to spam, or troll, or otherwise incite people

Everyone should be adult here, so childish behavior will not be tolerated.

Beyond this, have fun, meet new people, shoot them, make up with them, and learn as much as you can about art, photography, and related "stuff."

(I end with an extremely technical and specific term -- Stuff.)


The Management